Free mockups for socks, compacts, and teddy bears to boost your sales during wedding season 

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With wedding season upon us (wedding season typically lasts from late spring through early fall), I wanted to offer some wedding-themed mockups for you to use.

CustomHappy offers a few products that I think would make great bridal party gifts — socks for groomsmen and best men, compacts for bridesmaids and maids of honor, and teddy bears for ring bearers and flower girls.

In the past, I’ve already given out mockups for socks and compacts, which you can find here and here respectively. But I had my designers whip up some wedding-themed mockups for these products as well.

Teddy bears are a brand new product so I’ve never made mockups for them before. So in addition to the wedding-themed teddy bear mockups, I also had my designers create generic teddy bear mockups that you can use year-round.

As always, the mockups come in four sizes: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and they are 100% free to use.

You can add these mockups to your Amazon or Etsy product listings to make your offers more eye-catching.  You can include them on your business’ website as you scale up. Or, you can use them to create more engaging social media content and promotions.

You can opt-in to download all of the mockups below. And whether you add the mockups to your product listings or to your social media campaigns (or both!), hopefully, they’ll give your wedding season sales a boost.

Here’s a preview of what the mockups look like:

Click here to access your free sock, compact mirror, and teddy bear mockups

If you want to receive these mockups, sign up here. You won’t need to put in your credit card details on the next page (unless you’d like to sign up for other offers on that page). This is just an easy way for us to get you your mockups in as smooth a way as possible. Enjoy! :)

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After downloading the mockups, add your sock, compact, and teddy bear designs using any graphic software. Then, upload the images to your listings or promotional content.

I hope you find these wedding-themed mockups useful! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. And if you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing it with your friends and followers. 

Mockups for socks, compact mirrors, and teddy bears to increase your ecommerce business sales during wedding season

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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