From ex-con to excellence: An interview with Clint Warren

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From ex-con to excellence | An interview | Follow @rachelrofe for more episodes! :)

Podcast Overview:

In this episode, Clint shares how we went from life as a heroin addict and prisoner to creating a thriving, successful life and business that he’s proud of.

He talks about how he used his time in prison to completely revamp his life – including his daily rituals, small changes that made a huge difference, and his personal success strategies.

This was a great interview with a lot of take-aways.

Clint’s Bio

Clint Warren is an ex-con and recovering heroin addict turned motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur in short order. He credits this transition with replacing every bad habit with great ones. He is the founder of Stacked Agency (, Appitizr (, and blogs regularly at

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Think and Grow Rich – The book Clint read cover to cover several times.

Other books he read a lot:  The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Leader Without a Title, John Maxwell books, The Secret, Platform, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Tony Robbins books

Interview with Scott Tibbet – He was addicted to meth and had different recovery circumstances than Clint

6 Figure Freelancer – Clint’s course (now on waiting list)

The Slight Edge – A book Clint and I both love

Compound Effect – A similar book to Slight Edge that Clint likes – Clint’s site and where you can sign up for Unlocking Your True Potential

Clinton_warren – Clint’s Twitter

Episode Transcript

Click here for a transcript of today’s episode.

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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