How I got my book to #65 on Amazon in 5 days

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This video goes over exactly how I got 6,364 book downloads in 5 days… and how my book got all the way to #65 on Amazon.

This was in January 2015, so it’s still very recent. Check the video out below (or get the bonus transcript here):


Bonus: Click here to get the transcript of this video.

Resources Mentioned In This Video:

Goodreads – A popular site for book readers. – The virtual assistant service I use and have been a member of for over 5 years.

Twitter – Follow me here.

Pinterest – Follow me here – I pin the best stuff!

JustRetweet – Where you can have people retweet for you

MindBodyGreen article – The article where I mentioned my book

How to have a better day with 5 minute morning boosters – The podcast episode I repurposed – Where I mention all my books

Bonus: Click here to get the transcript of this video.

How I got my book to #65 on Amazon in only 5 days | Follow @rachelrofe for more :)

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

0 thoughts on “How I got my book to #65 on Amazon in 5 days”

  1. Hi Rachel, thank you for sharing your marketing ideas. I am looking at re-invigorating a languishing e-book and I’m very glad I watched your video first.

    Just a quick question. If you aren’t making an income selling books on Kindle, what is your main source of income these days?


  2. Hi Rachel… thanks for a very helpful post. I’ve been looking for another traffic strategy and this just may be it. I really like the way you present your information – it’s well organized and explained with just the right amount of detail.

  3. Great information Rachel. I’m preparing to do a free launch of my book that’s on Amazon so this is great timing. I thought that if you did this (KDP Select) you couldn’t promote your book on any other site. But you had yours on Goodreads too. Cold you clear up my confusion. Many thanks.

  4. This is a very helpful video. Thank you!
    Did you choose the dates for the free campaign based on the days of the week that it would be running, or for any other reasons specifically? I am trying to determine if there are days of the week that are better for getting attention to a free campaign.
    Thank you!

    • My pleasure, Rhen! I’ve played with different days and haven’t seen major differences. I just randomly chose these days, to be honest. :)

  5. When you changed your cover and title did you still keep the old book in amazon, etc too, or did you delete the old/original book?

    • I was actually able to change everything from within Amazon, so I just edited the title and cover from right within the same title. Goodreads wouldn’t allow me to change the title which is why I had to add the new book there. :)

  6. Many thanks for going behind the scenes and sharing such detailed actionable steps, Rachel! Would be great if you could tell us what new ways have you been exploring to substitute your diminishing Amazon sales.

    • My pleasure, Nikolay! Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. I have been testing a lot of new things – podcasting (I love!!!), Twitter and Pinterest for more traffic (Twitter has been great and I have huge hopes for Pinterest), Udemy (“meh” so far), for passive sales (works well!), and more ecommerce. I’ll let you know about the things that shake out the most positively. :)


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