How I increased my email signups with GetResponse’s new forms

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Email list building can be hard. Here are some powerful ways to make it easier.Today’s show goes over how you can use GetResponse‘s new web forms and apps to increase the subscribers on your mailing list. I go over which apps I’ve been using and how I use them to build my mailing list.

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Notes From The Show: is an autoresponder service you can use to grow and communicate with your mailing list. I’ve tested out 10 or so comparable systems and this has been my favorite.

– This is a sponsored show. I seeked GetResponse out as a sponsor because they’re a company I know, love, and have been using for nearly a decade.

– To access forms, go to Forms, then Create Forms, then the List Builder Wizard.

– There are 11 different form options including a blank one + one where you can search for size dimensions. Everything is customizable, no cheesy stock photos.

– Split testing is now an option. Make sure to use it. Unless you get a TON of traffic, I’d test 2 forms at a time and keep cutting the weaker ones and replacing them with new variations. Test out colors you use, headlines, and the amount of things you collect (for example, try just collecting email versus name and email addresses).

– Web apps are my favorite. To access these, log into GetResponse, go to Forms, then Create Forms, then click on List Builder Apps.

– The scroll box app is one I’ve posted on It’s a form you put on your website that collects names and email addresses. It stays on the page the whole time as people are reading and is particularly beneficial for places where you have valuable content. It reminds people that they can get even more from you.

– The exit pop up app has been the best-performing app that I’ve implemented. It’s a form that pops up when people are trying to leave your website and isn’t annoying or invasive. I’ve put this on 2 places: – This is a software I have that converts documents to Kindle-ready books. If potential customers try to leave the website without buying it, they’re offered information for free on how to market their books.

– A blog post in one of my niches about a particular type of tutorial. When people go to leave the blog post, I offer them a signup to get more of those types of tutorials.

The reason why this particular app is so beneficial is because people are already showing interest in a particular type of content. By offering them similar content, you’re giving them what they’ve expressly shown interest in.

This is a win/win because people get more of what they want, plus you get extra opportunity to get in front of people. People often need multiple exposures before buying something.

– Out of all the apps this one is doing the best conversion-wise so far. It’s also the best one in terms of converting signups into sales.

– The Shake box is a great one to capture peoples’ attention. A signup form comes on top of the text and it jiggles back and forth to capture peoples’ attention.

– The Fixed app will post a horizontal form on the bottom or top of your page. I have something like this on and have gotten several hundred sign ups from it.

GetResponse has integrations with Facebook, WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, or WooCommerce, you can do that very easily under the same section in Create Forms.

Links and Resources Mentioned:

GetResponse – The email autoresponder system I’ve used for about a decade. This is the site you can sign up with to try out the new forms and apps. – My main site and where I have been testing some apps. – One of the sites I have that I am testing the “exit pop up” app on. – I’ve gotten hundreds of email signups on this page using something like the Fixed app.

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Email list building can be hard. Here are some powerful ways to make it easier.

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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