How you can get published on MindBodyGreen and other big sites

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Want to learn how to get your work published on major sites? This short episode + notes = SUPER helpful!Would you like to have your content featured on major sites like MindBodyGreen, Huffington Post, and other major websites?

If so, you can – it’s TOTALLY do-able – and you don’t even need to have some major following or credentials first.
In today’s episode I’m going to go over exactly how you can get featured on MindBodyGreen and other sites, even if you’re starting with zero online presence.

This show was created thanks to Stephanie submitting a question on She asks, “Hi Rachel! My potential podcast question is …How can one get published on a site like MindBodyGreen? THANKS!”

Please feel free to submit your questions, too!

Notes From The Show:

Step 1: Make sure your niche makes sense with whatever site you’d like to submit to.

Here were the articles I submitted to MindBodyGreen even though I am known for personal development *and* biz advice.

10 Tips To Improve Your Morning In 5 Minutes Or Less (1.6k shares)
10 Ways To Fit Fun Into A Busy Day (676 shares)
7 Reasons You’re Not Living The Life Of Your Dreams (3.5k shares)
7 Ways To Get Anything You Want (13.1k shares)

Step 2: Look at what’s already doing well on sites.

Most places will tell you exactly what their most popular articles are. See if your content can mold to it a little bit. Look for key words in titles, headline formats, certain lengths of words in headlines, etc.

You can also search for something like “ productivity” or “ beauty” and manually open up a bunch of articles to see what has done well.

If nothing in your niche is doing well, it may mean you don’t have the sexiest topic.

Step 3: Write your article (if a site requires it upfront).

Make sure to adhere to the submission requirements of a site. Different sites like different word counts, topics, etc.

Make it easy to read with short sentences and deliver exactly what the title offers. Don’t be too verbose or self promotional.

If the site allows, have a resource box that tells people where they can sign up to get more from you, preferably with a gift that has to do with whatever your article’s about.

Optional: You may want to have friends or a coach proofread your article before you submit.

Step 4: Submit your content following submission guidelines.

Most people who are on sites like MindBodyGreen or HuffingtonPost are there simply because they asked to be.

Just do a search for ‘site name + submission’ or ‘site name + submit article’.

Step 5: Put it in your calendar to see if you get accepted.

Most sites will tell you when they’ll let you know if you’ll get accepted or not by. Put the date in your calendar and take appropriate action. You may want to clean up your article and re-submit, or maybe use your article as content for your own blog, other sites, or for guest blogging.

Links and Resources Mentioned: – If you’d like me to answer a question, post right there.

MindBodyGreen – This is the link to my author page. – This is where you can publish anything on

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Want to learn how to get your work published on major sites? This short episode + notes = SUPER helpful!



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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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