January 2023 Brags

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Here are the latest lists of brags from January 2023.

These posts are an opportunity to celebrate monthly memories and accomplishments. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating your wins, too! My name is Kimberly – one of Rachel’s assistants who helps her with the blog content creation process. I truly love helping create these posts, and I’m also incredibly inspired by Rachel’s journey. Let’s all follow along to see what Rachel has been up to in January which had lots of ups and downs! But here are some of the best parts…

1. Rachel reconnected with a special person from 11 years ago, sharing an incredible bond. He came to visit, and their time together unfolded into a heartwarming story, reminding us that some connections stand the test of time.

2. Rachel participated in a Vision Call with her Sister Circle, a group of friends who have supported each other for nine years. Together, they dreamed and envisioned what the year ahead would look like, setting intentions and strengthening their bond.

3. Rachel attended a self-improvement workshop in South Carolina, stepping out of her comfort zone and trying something new. The experience was made even more memorable by a private chef who prepared a delectable dinner for the participants.

4. Gabey spent some quality time with Rachel, enjoying a sleepover and cherishing the moments spent with family. These precious memories are an integral part of their loving relationship.

5. Rachel had the opportunity to catch up with a friend in Philadelphia, spending quality time together and deepening their friendship through shared experiences.

6. The promotion of the supplement offer for Honeycomm, which helps members create a print-on-demand supplement brand, was a great success. The response was positive, and the project has grown tremendously under Rachel’s guidance. If you would like to check out Rachel’s supplement website visit: www.UpliftedOrganics.com

7. Focusmate continues to be a valuable tool for Rachel, helping her maintain productivity and stay on track with her work. She loves using this innovative platform for focused collaboration.

8. Rachel’s writing journey on 750Words remains strong, as she’s surpassed 256 consecutive days of writing. This daily commitment highlights her dedication to honing her craft and nurturing her creative spirit.

9. The Interview Panel featuring the Instagram team called The Avengers was a remarkable event. Several of the most successful and inspirational sellers shared their stories, providing valuable insights and motivation for those who attended the call. If you have yet to sign up for LHS check out: https://www.getstartedwithlhs.com/powerhour

Student Wins:


BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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