January + February 2021 Brags

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Welcome to my new list of brags from January – February 2021. As always, these posts serve as a cool way to remind myself and others of celebrating monthly accomplishments. I will always encourage you to find a way to celebrate your own monthly wins.

1. I went to Vegas to see friends I’ve met at Choice. We rang in the new year together and had a fantastic time :) Choice is a personal development leadership program that I went through and I love staying connected with the people I’ve met through it.

2. My friend Tony and I drove from Pennysylvania to Maine to go see Kit, a good friend of mine who I’ve been in a Sister Circle with since 2014.  A few of us talk every single week and support each other, so it was great seeing Kit after a few years. Tony and I stopped in Boston on the way back which was a lot of fun.

3. My bookkeeper sent me an email on my 2020 profit increase: “Rachel! Your profit this year increased by 168% with a 45% increase in revenue! Hell yes! Phenomenal job! Excited to see what 2021 brings!” – that was obviously very awesome to see.

4. I moved into a new house in Pennsylvania on Jan 27th. After weeks of moving and unpacking, I’m finally settled in which is a great feeling.

5. Signed up for another year with Baby Bathwater which is just a great entrepreneurial group that I’m glad to be a part of. It’s a perfect mix of community, conversation, and connections.

6. Became an investor and advisor for a great company called AlcHempist. I’ve personally used these products and they help a lot, so it’s an honor to work with them, and I *love* the owner, Matt.

7. I spent lots of fun time with my nephew Gabey. My sister, Jackie actually stuck in Vegas during a major snowstorm in PA and couldn’t fly back, so my babysitting duties got extended and it was *awesome*.

8. In February, I went to Mexico on a birthday trip for my friend Corinna. It was wonderful seeing good friends, soaking up the sunshine, and swimming in the ocean.

9. Crypto overall is doing great. If you want to check out everything about Crypto, check out my blog post which tells you what I’ve learned, earned and how you can make passive income with it.

10. I also started an astrology course which is pretty fun. I’m not sure how much I’m into it, to be honest, but so far it is very interesting.

11. People in Jumpstart got spectacular results throughout the month.

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Let me know in the comments below one new win you are proud of and want to share!

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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