July 2014 Brags

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Time for my monthly brag post.

I hope you take some time to brag about what your July looked like too. I love celebrating with all of you!

My wins for July:

1. I finished up a book that’s currently getting formatted and will be up this week. It’s all about goal-setting and has a step-by-step plan to make your dreams actually happen. I’m ecstatic about bringing practical tools into peoples’ lives.

2. I finished 9 more podcast episodes (4 from me, 5 interviews). The podcast will officially be launching on August 11th.

3. As a side benefit to the episodes, I got a bunch of episodes transcribed so I can publish them as shorter Kindle books. I got 8 book covers created, so I now have 8 extra books to add to my Kindle portfolio.

4. We took 2 trips to Vegas, randomly bought a house there, and took a surprise trip to Cancun.

5. I did a 10 day sugar cleanse (that helped a LOT! – I am finally losing weight for the first time in YEARS!!!!)

6. Health-wise, I had some big wins besides the sugar cleanse. I ate some form of greens (spinach, kale, lettuce, etc) with 54 meals this month, drank over 80 oz of water 28 out of 31 days, and exercised at least 4 times each week.

7. I raised my total social media following count to over 25k (I am tracking this so I can get sponsorship for my event).

8. Maintenance-wise, I got lots of reviews on my existing books, pushing up my passive income on Kindle quite a bit.

9. I saw the homeless people in Vegas sitting in the extreme heat, got upset about it, and hired someone to go up and down the strip to pass out water. Honestly, this hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to cycle through lots of workers as many people were excited and then didn’t work out. I’m still working on it though, and I am proud of myself for taking action.

There were some other small things, like tracking my fun again, systemizing my finances even more, getting some products up on other platforms, getting a lot of house stuff done (decorations/assembly/etc), launching t-shirts, etc… but those aren’t huge.

Honestly, I feel like I could have had a better month, but I think that’s just because my podcast isn’t live yet and I’m not feeling the impact of it yet. The health part included some huge breakthroughs though.

Now, your turn! What are you proud of that you accomplished last month?

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