June 2021 Brags

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Here are the latest lists of brags from June 2021.

As always, these posts serve as a fun way to remind Rachel and others of celebrating monthly memories and accomplishments and we encourage you to celebrate your wins, too! My name is Kimberly and I’m one of Rachel’s assistants :) I love helping out with creating these posts. Let’s follow along to see what Rachel has done in June!

1.  Rachel closed on a house which she absolutely loves! If you’ve been following with us in her previous brags post, she mentioned moving into a new house earlier this year. Rachel was thinking that she might be getting some smaller houses all throughout the country and she ended up staying in Pennsylvania just a little while longer. Her new home includes an absolutely gorgeous zen view of a creek which she gets to wake up to every morning and become closer to nature.


2. On June 3rd it was Jackies Birthday! Rachel mentions that ever since Jackie joined CHOICE last year, a personal development program, that she has been so much more excited, spirited, and hasn’t had suicidal thoughts which shows Jackie’s accomplishments and what is possible.

3. A fun fitness accomplishment is that Rachel made #1 on her Peloton Leadership Board. She competed against 5 other people in her class. Peleton allows you to compete with other members online which provide an amazing amount of fun competition and motivation.

4. Rachel took a fun trip to Long Island with her mom, Sharon. They left early in the morning and came back at night. She actually grew up there so it was super fun to revisit the familiar sights and soak up the sun at the beach.

5. Lastly, another memorable accomplishment is that Rachel hired a health coach :) She had been experiencing phantom health issues which she has yet to figure out but she has a lot of faith in this new coach which she is super excited about.


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