June and July 2022 Brags

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Here are the latest lists of brags from June 2022.

These posts are an opportunity to celebrate monthly memories and accomplishments. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating your wins, too! My name is Kimberly – one of Rachel’s assistants who helps her with the blog content creation process. I truly love helping out with creating these posts and I’m also incredibly inspired by Rachel’s journey. Let’s all follow along to see what Rachel has been up to in June and July…


  1. Rachel had a fantastic trip to Croatia with friends at Baby Bathwater! They went on a private island which was phenomenal :)

2. The Vegas trip to “Journey Within” was another fun highlight because it was a personal development group that Rachel attends yearly with “Choice.”

3. Gabriel and Cease went over to Rachel’s house in PA! They also all went to a cryptocurrency event in New York called NFT NYC, which was a blast. The three of them also attended “ApeFest” which is about the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT event!

4. Rachel also flew to Austin for a few days to meet up with old friends and also meet new people. She absolutely loves Austin!

5. Low Hanging Mastermind was launched! Which Rachel later re-named “Easy POD Mastermind” ;)

6. Big moves with the e-mail list and adding more subscribers to the blog :)



1. Rachel went on an EPIC trip with her mom, Sharon, to Europe! She also met up later with her sister, sister’s friend Devyn, and her nephew!

2. The trip included a layover to Madrid for 12 hours, Portugal, Venice, Israel, and they also had a 19-hour layover in Istanbul. They all had an extraordinary time in Europe and Rachel made precious memories that she and her family will remember forever :)

3. Rachel is also on a HUGE daily streak with 750words.com which she journals every day. As of August 12 she is 67 days in a row which is an amazing accomplishment.

4. She’s also on a streak with “A Journey Within” and hasn’t missed any days of that either! Rachel is a huge fan of self-development and personal development.




LHS Student Wins:


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