June – September 2023 Brag Posts

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It’s been a while since I’ve made a brag post, but I wanted to make sure I stopped and did one since these really are SO helpful to look at when doing yearly reflections. :)

So, here are some of the things I’m super grateful for in the past few months:

June 2023
1. I went on an amazing trip to Croatia with my boyfriend. It was SO fun.

2. I hit journaling 365 days in a row on 750Words.com, which was really fun and oddly happened on June 6. I’m not saying this was a *huge* thing, but so many bigger things have happened in my life on June 6. :)

3. I went on a great trip to Vancouver for a marketing event. I was there in a *stunning* time of year and it was so fun to catch up with friends.

4. I went to Fort Lauderdale for a VSEL event. It was an extraordinary, fun time and I made lots of new friends there.

5. We launched an 8 week AI print on demand bootcamp and it went very well!

We also had some extraordinary LHS student results, which I’ll post at the end of this! :)

July 2023

1. I went to Denver and Boulder for a bit, got to catch up with some friends, and overall had a wonderful time there. :)

2. I went to the Taylor Swift concert! Ha. It was so fun!

3. I visited my friends Olga and Jon in Fort Lauderdale before flying back home which was really lovely. :)

4. There were a bunch of trips either of me going to Houston to visit my boyfriend or vice versa, which were fun. :)

5. My friend Nagham came to NYC and I went to go see her. We had a wonderful few days together including visiting Central Park, seeing Wicked, and many more beautiful things. :)

6. I went to Indiana to learn about a new protocol to help people with called The Cortina Method. It was remarkable seeing how people were able to heal intense trauma for people in an hour’s protocol and I look forward to learning more and more about that.

We also had some extraordinary LHS student results, which I’ll post at the end of this! :)

August 2023

1. My boyfriend’s birthday was in August and we went on a fun trip with him and his son to Galveston for a weekend. We had a really fun time walking the beach, playing games, going to a sand castle competition, etc. :)

2. I went on a fun trip to NYC with my mom and brother.

3. I earned an “Epic Trilogy” badge on 750Words, which means I wrote over 500,000 words so far on that site. :)

And of course, LHS results will be at the bottom!

September 2023

1. I celebrated my birthday and it was. EXTRAORDINARY. I flew to Houston where we went to Post Oak Hotel and the experience was 10 out of 10 – both because of the hotel and for all the things Rob (boyfriend) did to surprise me.

I wrote out the entire day to tell my friends about it, so I’ll post here.

When I got to Rob’s on Saturday night he had banners, a balloon, and presents waiting for me, then had planned a surprise escape room trip which was a blast.

On Sunday he let me open a present a day early. I had told my mom weeks ago that my favorite hoop earrings broke – turns out he’d been paying attention to that and bought me gorgeous silver hoop earrings.

He also surprised me and brought stuff to the hotel room in hopes our room would have a bath – bath salts with a flavor I love, candles, magazines I could read. We did have a bath and he drew one for me.

On my birthday, I went to the spa and got 3 treatments. While I was getting 2 treatments Rob decorated the hotel with birthday banners and balloons.

The people at the spa were SO nice – the woman who gave me a facial gave me crystal bracelets for my birthday and the manager saw me smelling a candle I loved and gave that to me as a gift. SO kind. Also, the spa was very busy that day because Beyonce was in town, and the spa manager called people on their days off to come in for me which I didn’t find out until after! The service there was a whole new level.

Rob gave me *another* gift later on too, a gorgeous crystal set.

We went out to dinner and when we got back, he’d arranged for a dairy free gluten free dessert to be dropped off. He brought candles from home. We went for a walk, then he drew another bath at night.

He also booked a Taylor Swift candlelight concert on Wednesday.

My birthday was *amazing*. :)

2. Rob and I decided to each spend 30 minutes learning something new, so I started a storytelling practice in September. It’s been really fun to learn to get better and better with this skill.

3. Like with every other month really, I’ve spent a lot of time with family and my mom. It’s been really wonderful to have so much family time.
The picture I put here is from when my brother, mom and I went to go get boba tea.
As you can see, it’s been a beautiful and fun few months!! And as promised, here are some of the extraordinary results people have gotten inside Low Hanging System in the past few months:
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