March 2014 Brags

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Last month I said I was going to create a brag post every month. I’m a few days late on this one, but that’s OK – it’s better late than never.

Feel free to brag here too.

Here are things I’m proud of that happened in March:

– I helped Don with his NYC event. This was my first time helping plan anything like this and it all came out beautifully. The venue, the catered food, and the penthouse we rented after were all PERFECT. It felt awesome to support my man and make him feel so good.

– I spent a rejuvenating nourishing week in beautiful Costa Rica with amazing soul sisters. And, after being so mad about my weight gain for such a long time, I’m proud to report that I was the first one in the water when we skinny dipped.

– I completely shocked Don by surprise-visiting him in Wichita. He was so happy!

– I sold a product to my list for the first time in 3-ish months. It was a $97 product that shows a conversion of 38.44% (but that’s on total visits, not uniques, so it’s really higher). Not bad!

– Health-wise, I went to an amazing restorative yoga class I’d been putting off for months. And until I hurt my ankle, I had a consistent 30 minutes of movement daily and a minimum 10k steps a day.

– I’d logged food choices I was proud of for a week. I haven’t been perfect since then, but I’m celebrating a week and getting back onto it.

– I got a new physical product selling on Amazon. Yay for more passive income!

– I got 12 new reviews for Amazon products (and lots more sales in the process). I had no idea how I’d make that happen, but I set the goal to get more reviews and figured the “how” would come to me. It worked.

– I spent a fabulous weekend in Cozumel with Don.

– I created a sales letter for a new course that I’d been putting off, got the design outsourced, figured out the upsell, conducted a very valuable interview as a bonus and got all the content on the site.

– I came up with an amazing, life-changing idea that’s going to help thousands of stressed out moms. I can’t wait to implement my first test run!

I’m glad I made this post. I didn’t think I got that much done compared to February, but there were some big wins.

What happened for you?

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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