May 2014 brags. :)

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Alright… it’s monthly brag time!

This is where I post my wins for the last month and invite you to, too.

Here are my May wins:

1. I did an epic job supporting Don for his 7-figure launch. I did my best to anticipate his needs and keep him fueled and ready to go.

This was my major focus through mid-May.

2. One of my goals was to sell at 110 copies of Ads Cracked.

Considering I don’t even have a (remotely) Facebook list, and I haven’t done anything to bring in new subscribers in almost a year, *and* the product was $997, it was a challenge, but I pulled through! I partnered with the amazing Ryan Lee, put together a phenomenal bonus, and beat my goal by a good amount.

We ended up as the #4 affiliate overall and had a nice 6-figure promotion.

3. I hired an event planner for my first solo event on August 30th (!!!!).

4. I did a bunch of random acts of kindness. I’d written 4 on my list, just because I enjoy doing them, but I surpassed that by a landslide.

5. I figured out the type of podcast I want to do and got 30 topic ideas ready to go.

5. One of my goals was to learn more about social media. I did, and I gained some major follower gains across some of my niches.

7. I did at least 30 minutes of yoga per week.

8. I hired an awesome nutritionist.

9. I hired someone amazing to help with PTSD release – which is a big next step for my personal evolution.

10. I got 2 more books in motion – one to soft promote a physical product of mine, and one for a series of books I have.

So, considering I spent so much of the month in launch mode, I’m pretty happy with the results. And even more excited for a big June.

What about you? What wins are you celebrating?

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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