October 2014 Brags

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37003904.thbLooks like it’s brag post time again. :)

As always, remember…  feel free to brag too! Just leave a comment below so I can celebrate with you.

Here are my biggest wins for October:

1. I had a very challenging September and October. October included a funeral, having to cancel something extremely important to me, not getting to go to an event I was looking forward to (due to the funeral), legal troubles, a $45k penalty that should have been avoided, and a bit more.

It felt like there was a new problem every day.

And even though I podcast about “a better life”, it doesn’t mean times can’t get tough.

The brag, though, is that in the last 2 days of October I woke up feeling happy again. Phew.

I handled everything as best as I could and I can confidently say I’m finally back on the upswing. AMEN!

2. In October, my podcast enjoyed 21,676 downloads. I didn’t know what would happen after I dropped off of “New & Noteworthy” (it only lasts for 8 weeks), but downloads are still pretty solid.

3. I published another new book on Kindle. It went live on November 1. I haven’t promoted it too much yet, but yay for getting another book out there. I think it can help a lot of people too, so that’s exciting.

4. We got a new car! It’s a Mercedes E350 that is SOOO comfortable and luxurious. I love it.

5. I joined a fabulous mastermind of women in Las Vegas and also made sure to make time to nurture other friendships. I feel like maintaining friendships is a very strong area for me right now.

6. We started a garden! I am so excited about growing my own delicious organic food.

7. Don and I weren’t seeing eye to eye about a few things and we ended up working out an agreement that feels awesome to both of us. It took a lot of discussion, but I feel like a weight has been lifted around those issues, which is a great thing. We both feel a lot more supported.

I don’t have much more for October – it was a trying month, and I’m doing my best to not feel drained as I even think about it. What about you? Hopefully your October was great! What are you feeling proud of?

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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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