October 2015 Brags

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Looks like it’s time for another brag post. :)

If you’re new to these, the gist is that every month I recap the last month’s previous wins. It’s a great way for me to stay in gratitude mode before jumping to the next big thing and I *love* being able to look back at the end of every year and see how the year progressed.

As always, I encourage you to post in the comments with your big wins from the last month too so we can celebrate together.

October was a funky month. As I mentioned in last month’s brag post I was bedridden from October 1st through October 15th. I didn’t do much of anything except for stay in bed and wait for the intense vertigo to pass.

That said, here are my big wins:

1. I think I did a pretty excellent job of being graceful during the 2 week process of being stuck in bed. I certainly experienced moments of frustration but I also looked for the lessons in why I would have gotten vertigo as well as what the blessings were. Most of the time I was actually grateful for what I was learning through the experience.

Some of the lessons, in case you’re curious: I had to learn how to receive help, I had lots of bonding time with my family (I stayed in the RV next to their house while this was happening), I had lots of time to do some inner work, and I got untangled from over-working.

2. Don’s birthday was October 11th and I completely surprised him by having people from all over the world send him presents and cards.

This was easier said than done because I had to wait for periods where he’d be off Facebook and secretly post, then make sure to delete all posts before he’d get back on.

I told people to send their presents to our P.O. box where I had his assistant saving everything, then she shipped it all to him on his actual birthday. He was completely shocked!

3. Don and I decided to sell our house in Vegas. As part of the move we decided to give my brother one of our cars. My brother was thrilled and my mom said she hadn’t seen him that happy in a while. It felt very, very nice to be able to do that for him.

Bedroom ledge with lots of crystals4. I moved to Pennsylvania for a while to be near family and friends.

Because I was so sick in the beginning of the month, I had my parents look at the place I live in now and told them to commit me to it if they liked it. I ended up moving in sight unseen but I love the house.

Bucks County, PA is BEAUTIFUL this time of year and it feels nice to be near so many people I love.

The picture next to this post is a picture of my bedroom ledge. It overlooks some beautiful nature and is filled with crystals (#obsessed).

5. I spent tons of time with my sweet nephew Gabriel.

6. Heather Tremko, the author of DIY Spa Retreat, sent me a copy of her first book. She referenced my “How to feel more alive” podcast episode in her book and said she wanted to thank me for what I put out in the world. It felt nice to hear that someone would reference a podcast show in their book.

7. I promoted a great product called Physical Product System along with 3 other marketers. I personally sold over 100 copies and as a team, we ended up winning #1 on the affiliate contest plus all of the smaller contests along the way. The contests are nice but it also feels really great to recommend excellent products to people and have many of those people trust me enough to pick them up.

8. I released some beta spots to a Twitter software I’ve been working on for 6+ months now, Post Dynamo. It was nice to finally put that in the world.

9. My Shopify store is still humming along nicely, earning 4 figures a month even though I haven’t been working on it much at all.

10.  My social media presence went from a total of about 88,000 followers on September 1 on social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to somewhere around 89,000k by the end of October. There was an estimated increase of +1,000 followers/friends/fans. I’m not exactly sure as I wasn’t tracking well (but now have someone tracking M-F) and also hadn’t been doing much to gain followers since I hired a new assistant and hadn’t yet trained her on what my old assistant had been doing.

Total number of podcast downloads11. A Better Life ® (my podcast) was downloaded 10,508 times in October. I wasn’t as consistent as normal with my shows and even missed weeks completely so the numbers were down, but over 10k downloads is still brag-worthy!

So, that’s it for me – how about you? What were your October wins? :)

October brags

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