October 2023 Brags

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Here are the latest lists of brags from October 2023.

October was a month brimming with excitement for Rachel, marked by family time, friendship reunions, and significant milestones. Here’s a look at the fantastic moments that made her month truly special:

  1. Theater Time with Mom: Rachel’s month included a special play outing with her mom, a lovely bonding experience and a cultural treat.
  2. Jim Thorpe Trip with Mom: A trip to Jim Thorpe with her mom marked another bonding moment. This quaint town offered a perfect backdrop for their quality time together.
  3. Lunch with Alison: Rachel caught up with her friend Alison over lunch, enjoying the simple pleasure of reconnecting and sharing stories.
  4. Cease’s Visit: The joy of friendship continued with a visit from Cease, adding another layer of happiness to Rachel’s month.
  5. Rob’s Visit: Rob came to visit, bringing with him moments of joy and companionship that Rachel cherishes deeply.
  6. Pumpkin and Apple Picking: Embracing the autumn spirit, Rachel and Rob enjoyed pumpkin and apple picking. Their time together also included the fun of pumpkin carving.
  7. Andy Grammer Show with Family: A musical outing to the Andy Grammer show with her parents and brother was a highlight. The concert was a blend of entertainment and family bonding.
  8. Parents’ 25th Anniversary: Celebrating her parents’ 25th anniversary was a momentous occasion, marking a significant family milestone.
  9. Colorado Personal Development Event: Rachel traveled to Colorado for a personal development event, where she reunited with friends Amaya, Steph, and Erin. The event was both enriching and enjoyable.

10. Enjoying Nature: In Colorado, Rachel relished the beauty of rocks and water, finding tranquility and inspiration in nature.

11. Meeting Friends: The joy of seeing friends and sharing experiences was a crucial part of her travels.

12. Writing Milestone on 750Words.com: Rachel proudly reached 500 days of writing on 750Words.com, a testament to her dedication and discipline.

13. Halloween Fun in Salem with Rob: A fun trip to Salem with Rob for Halloween was a blast. Celebrating the festive holiday together was a highlight of her month.

14. Amazon Goals Achieved for Q3: Achieving her Amazon goals for the third quarter was a significant professional accomplishment for Rachel, marking the success of her hard work and strategy.

October was a month where Rachel skillfully balanced personal joys with professional milestones. From deepening family bonds to celebrating love and achieving business goals, her life is an ongoing lesson in embracing every moment. Stay tuned for what November brings in her ever-inspiring journey :)


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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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