The 30 day challenge

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If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen more posts about my January challenge, it’s because after a lot of thinking, I realized the way I had set it up wasn’t serving me.

The point of the whole exercise was to get more aligned with core feelings I wanted to feel. I thought I’d match them up with things I already love doing and the process would create great things.

After doing it for a few days, I realized that wasn’t happening.

I was going to tough the challenge out and finish it, but after talking about it with Don, I realized it was foolish to keep going on principle alone.

The thing is, 2 of the 3 methods I outlined were dependent on circumstances that didn’t feel 100% in my control.

For the random acts of kindness, for example – there were days when opportunities didn’t present themselves to me… and I looked.

Sure, I could do things like write people letters, send small gifts, etc… but I naturally do those things anyway, so counting those felt like cheating,  and also doing monkey work by writing things down just because I “should”.

It was missing the whole point of why I set this up in the first place.

I also wrote down that I wanted to be creating every day. What I realized is that creation comes best when I am inspired… not when I force myself because I “should”.

The one thing that I did love, because I could do it anywhere and in any circumstances, was the 15 minute minimum of yoga. I did that while in the airport, on a balcony in a Jamaican hotel, in my living room, and am continuing to do it.

So – with the exception of yoga, the whole thing was becoming more work than love, which definitely did NOT align with my desires.

So I’m stopping it.

I’ll still do my random acts of kindness and creations as they present themselves, but not because I “should” – but because I love doing it.

I’m going to find a new way to feel those desired feelings.

I’m glad I tried it, though.


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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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