April 2022 Brags

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Here are the latest lists of brags from April 2022.

These posts are an opportunity to celebrate monthly memories and accomplishments. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating your wins, too! My name is Kimberly – one of Rachel’s assistants who helps her with the blog content creation process. I truly love helping out with creating these posts and I’m also incredibly inspired by Rachel’s journey. Let’s all follow along to see what Rachel has been up to in April…


1. Rachel’s mother, Sharon, was surprised on her birthday in April when Rachel told her she was retiring. Rachel had enough money moved to her account to pay dividends for the rest of her life, which is amazing news. This is a great example of how retirement planning can really pay off in the long run. It’s also a wonderful gift for Rachel to give to her mother. This will allow her to enjoy her retirement without having to worry about money.

2. Madrid, Spain trip was a success! Rachel, Gabriel, and Cease had an incredible trip to Madrid in April! They were able to explore the city for 12 days, try out lots of delicious food, check out different properties and even spend a night in an actual palace. It was definitely a highlight of their year and a trip to remember.

3. Holley and Josh’s video testimonial is truly moving. Since joining Rachel’s Low Hanging System program, their lives have improved in so many ways.  They now have more free time to spend with their family. They highly recommend the program to anyone interested in making positive changes in their life. Thank you, Holley and Josh, for sharing your inspiring story with us! You can check that out below.

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4. Gabey recovering was great news in April! Rachel was all packed and ready for her trip to Puerto Rico when she found out Gabey was not feeling well. Rachel knew she had to cancel her trip and stay home to take care of him. She was grateful that she could work from home and have a flexible schedule that allowed her to prioritize her family.

5. Rachel is continuing to invest for her family members. She was able to do it for her mom, step-dad, sister, brother, and Gabey. She already had investment accounts for Gabey in stocks but this time she had invested in crypto such as Ethereum. Rachel was very pleased with the results and she was able to help her family members reach their financial goals.

6. Crypto wins have been extraordinary for Rachel! She has been doing so well with cryptocurrency and if you want to learn more check out this article.

7. This month has been a great month for Rachel in terms of personal development and growth. She’s had a lot of phenomenal coaching calls that have helped her to develop herself professionally and personally. She’s grown a lot this month, and she’s really proud of herself. She feels like she’s made some great strides forward in her life, and she’s excited to continue developing herself in the months to come.


LHS Student Wins:

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