March 2022 Brags

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Here are the latest lists of brags from March 2022.

These posts are an opportunity to celebrate monthly memories and accomplishments. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating your wins, too! My name is Kimberly – one of Rachel’s assistants who helps her with the blog content creation process. I truly love helping out with creating these posts and I’m also incredibly inspired by Rachel’s journey. Let’s all follow along to see what Rachel has been up to in March…

1. Rachel found the process of getting somatic work done in Austin, Texas to be really impactful. Then she met up with friends there too!

2) Rachel’s friends Cease and Gabriel came over for the weekend. The three of them got to work on some fun business planning as well as figuring out how they’re going to Spain next month!

3) Custom Happy’s strategy sessions went well. It included Lynn, the production manager; Sharon who is Rachel’s mom and Steve from CustomHappy :)

4) Rachel was airdropped APECoin! She got 100k coins from her Bored Ape Yacht club membership which is insanely amazing.

5) Healthy living and fitness is a priority for Rachel She has been working with her personal trainer, Glen, this month.

6) The team is hard at work on the new and improved Low Hanging System. This will be an incredible update for all members, so stay tuned!

7) Gabey spent the night at Rachel’s house and they had a blast together, as always.

8) It’s great to see Rachel getting back into cooking! She now cooks a couple of nights out of the week and uses colorful ingredients in her meals.

9) Flying to Miami was a great opportunity for Rachel to see some old friends and meet new ones! She enjoyed getting involved with the High Tide Founders, who are impacting 1 billion people and changing lives.

10) LHS Members, Josh and Holly submitted videos that were super inspirational! All of their videos are so creative and fun to watch. We appreciate how they shared them with us, and you guys did such an amazing job. Rachel loved watching their testimonial.

11) Lastly, Rachel had decided to invest in Etherium for her family members. She did this on behalf and they don’t know about it yet unless of course if read her monthly wins ;)


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BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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