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What to do if you don’t know your “purpose” and feel bad about it

Are you upset because you don't know your "purpose" yet? Here's an awesome action step. | Follow @rachelrofe for more.Today’s show is for you if you feel like you don’t know your “purpose” yet and that makes you feel bad.

Notes From The Show:

– Being stuck on finding a “purpose” can make us feel horrible.

– Not everyone necessarily has a specific purpose that has to be monetized and made into a business or has to help a zillion people.

– Do what feels good as often as you can

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Anthony Lemme – This is the person whose post I found.

Facebook post – This is what I read aloud.

Danielle LaPorte – I am pretty sure Desire Map is where I read about Danielle’s example with using core desired feelings at work.

Get a 9-5 that lights you up – This podcast is another resource to help you love the job you’re working in.

RachelRofe.com/questions – If you’d like me to answer a question, post right there.

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Are you upset because you don't know your "purpose" yet? Here's an awesome action step. | Follow @rachelrofe for more.



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