Why we’re afraid of being seen and what to do about it

Being visible in the world takes a lot of courage. This post shares some tips on how to make it just a little easier.Today’s show goes over a problem that many of us face: being afraid to be seen.

It covers why so many of us are afraid to let people see the real us, then what we can do about it.

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Notes From The Show:

Part 1: Validation

– Can be very energetically taxing

– Can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, unsafe

– Can be hard in business too: new promotions, programs, etc invites criticism

– It’s vulnerable

– Innate fear to go against the tribe

Part 2: What we can do about it

– Talk to your support network first

– Set boundaries around unwanted attention

– Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

– Meditate or do EFT

– Start small

– Keep doing it

Links and Resources Mentioned:

How to handle being “energy sensitive” — with Hadley Gustin – This show goes over what you can do if you’re very energy-sensitive.

How to build a strong support network around yourself – This show goes over how you can build a strong support network to be vulnerable with.

Change your money mindset and earn more – with Denise Duffield-Thomas – We talk about EFT (tapping) in this show.

RachelRofe.com/questions – Post here if you have any questions you think I can help with

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Being visible in the world takes a lot of courage. This post shares some tips on how to make it just a little easier.

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