March 2021 Brags

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Here are my latest lists of brags from March 2021.

As always, these posts serve as a fun way to remind myself and others of celebrating monthly memories and accomplishments and I encourage you to celebrate your wins, too!

1. I went to Golden, Colorado for a week and saw many good friends. So many of my friends are concentrated in Colorado, so I always love heading there.

The picture here is from when a friend and I were eating at El Five, an awesome tapas restaurant.

2. My friend Gabriel came and visited my house to help me with remodeling. In my last brag post I mentioned that I had gotten a new house at the beginning of the year and Gabriel has been helping me with house remodeling. It was nice to have him over.

3. We had a Mastermind called Pro eCom for some people in Jumpstart and it went very well. People have already reported getting some amazing results thanks to the in-depth mastermind.

4. My cryptocurrency portfolio has been doing very well and I’m really enjoying learning more.

(If you’d like to learn more about crypto, here’s a post I wrote a while back.)

5. Another big win has been enjoying lots of great family time as my family comes over every Sunday. The picture here is from when we all went to the grocery store one day – Gabey was exhausted so we pushed him around in the cart. :)

6. While in Colorado, we had a fun video shoot from some upcoming ads promoting Jumpstart. I love the video editor we work with and we had a blast coming up with some creative concepts.

7. Speaking of Jumpstart, here are some of the results people got this March:

And that’s it for me. How about YOU? Anything you’d like to celebrate from March? I’d love to hear. :)

Rachel Rofe's brags for her ecommerce business

BONUS! Find this helpful? To download this post as a PDF, click here!

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