He sold 1,523 units of THIS necklace (screenshot below)

1,523 units of this necklace

don and rachel on a planeI hope you’re doing well! The picture to the left is from when Don and I were on a plane about week ago. Given we just got off another one last night it seemed appropriate. :)

A couple days ago I posted about a series of 8 challenges my friend Will is hosting on how he’s taking 8 different items and making $1k/day from each of them. Honestly I didn’t think it was going to be that big of a deal, but people seem to be going really crazy over this offer.

Will began his challenges on August 1st and wasn’t going to let anyone else in. I was able to get you a special (limited) link, but I know it won’t be available forever.

The good news is right now you have a bit of an advantage. When you log in you can immediately see some great content like a case study on how Will sold 1,523 units of this necklace:


Here were some of my top takeaways from that case study:

– Will began promoting this necklace to people on mobile devices. Only after it was proven did he start selling to people using desktop devices.

– He ran lookalike audiences (all of this is explained in the course) once he proved a certain ad set – VERY helpful…

– All of this was run very systematically for several months and now he uses this same strategy for all of his necklaces.

The case study goes deep into all kinds of results. You can see what happens when he tested selling during different HOURS of the day, to different age groups, and to different interests.

Will makes a great deal of income from necklaces so it’s a perfect case study to watch. And it just so happens that this week’s challenge and the next will be focused on necklaces so it’s the perfect time for you to jump in.

Sign up here:


Also, at the end of each case study I’m going to have my assistant make checklists of the most important things Will did so we can easily replicate his actions. You’ll still get them as a bonus if you purchase through my link. :)

this necklace

Part 3: How to not get sucked into all the bad news stories

each day gift

If you don’t stay open and learn how to manage your intake of current events in a way that empowers and enables you to cope with love rather than fear-based thinking, it’s easy to become weighed down by bad news stories.

This is Part 3 in a 5-part series about the tools you can use and the actions you can take when you start to feel overwhelmed by too much negative news.

So much of the way we navigate the world around us has to do with our mindset. And luckily, that’s something we’re in charge of (to a large degree) and can tweak to create an overall more positive and joyful life for ourselves.

I really hope you find this series helpful!

Bonus: Click here to get the PDF transcription of this podcast.

Notes from the show: 

– The value of appreciating each day and treating it as a gift

– How to reframe your mindset to be one filled with gratitude, not worry or fear

– A challenge to commit to doing something that brings you joy every single day

– You have the power to re-examine your expectations and treat negative feelings as opportunities for fulfillment

Links and Resources Mentioned:

#100HappyDays – A challenge started by Dmitry Golubnichy “to inspire more people to choose happier living.”

Chad Hadsell interview – In this episode, Chad talks about the four things you need in order to stay as happy as possible.

Hal Elrod interview – Hal discusses how to go from deeply depressed to living a thriving life.

RachelRofe.com/questions – If there’s anything you’d like me to podcast about, please go here and let me know.

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Bonus: Click here to get the PDF transcription of this podcast.

each day gift moment

How he’s making $1k/day selling necklaces

how to make $1k a day selling necklaces twitter

Rachel with her nephewI hope you’re doing great!

The picture on the left is from a few days ago when my nephew was showing me Lightning McQueen things he wants me to buy him. Lucky for me he’s always the most excited about the $.99 stickers and $3 cars. ;)

And speaking of online purchasing, there’s a “look inside” $1k a day case study I think you’ll get a lot out of.

My friend Will is making a series of 8 case studies where he shows you exactly how you can make $1k/day from scratch selling different products (necklaces, mugs, hoodies, etc).

Will is already very successful selling these items (see proof in his video) so this isn’t theory. He’ll show you exactly what he does to make $1k/day campaigns including the exact ads, designs, and decisions he makes along the way.

Here’s an example post from a mini case-study he’s made before:

“Sold 11 so far – you guys want details, you got it!”

The introductory week of case studies started a few days ago. Nobody else is allowed to sell access right now but I talked Will into letting me promote this because I know you could get so much from it.

There isn’t a lot out there that shows you every piece of the picture like this does and I wanted to make sure you were able to follow along with him.

Grab your copy here:

Also, at the end of each case study I’m going to have my assistant make checklists of the most important things Will did so we can easily replicate his actions. You’ll get them as a bonus if you purchase through my link. :)

And if you have any questions on this, just send me an email and let me know. His video answers a lot too:

how to make $1K a day selling necklaces