How he’s making $1k/day selling necklaces

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Rachel with her nephewI hope you’re doing great!

The picture on the left is from a few days ago when my nephew was showing me Lightning McQueen things he wants me to buy him. Lucky for me he’s always the most excited about the $.99 stickers and $3 cars. ;)

And speaking of online purchasing, there’s a “look inside” $1k a day case study I think you’ll get a lot out of.

My friend Will is making a series of 8 case studies where he shows you exactly how you can make $1k/day from scratch selling different products (necklaces, mugs, hoodies, etc).

Will is already very successful selling these items (see proof in his video) so this isn’t theory. He’ll show you exactly what he does to make $1k/day campaigns including the exact ads, designs, and decisions he makes along the way.

Here’s an example post from a mini case-study he’s made before:

“Sold 11 so far – you guys want details, you got it!”

The introductory week of case studies started a few days ago. Nobody else is allowed to sell access right now but I talked Will into letting me promote this because I know you could get so much from it.

There isn’t a lot out there that shows you every piece of the picture like this does and I wanted to make sure you were able to follow along with him.

Grab your copy here:…

Also, at the end of each case study I’m going to have my assistant make checklists of the most important things Will did so we can easily replicate his actions. You’ll get them as a bonus if you purchase through my link. :)

And if you have any questions on this, just send me an email and let me know. His video answers a lot too:…

how to make $1K a day selling necklaces

Part 2: How to not get sucked into all the bad news stories

block newsBad news deeply affects many of us. And there certainly is no shortage of it these days, so it can be difficult not to become totally consumed by it.

This is Part 2 in a 5-part series filled with tips and resources that will help you better cope with all the negative news.

Turning a blind eye to what’s going on in the world is not what I’m proposing. Rather, I’m suggesting ways that you can take charge of your mindset and make sure that you stay open and continue operating from a place of love in spite of the negative things happening around you.

I really hope you find this series helpful!

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Notes from the show: 

– Empowering yourself to be in charge of your experiences versus allowing your experiences to be in charge of you 

– How negative news infiltrates your subconscious with worry and fear-based thinking, blocking effective communication and trust 

– A Chrome extension that lets you block news from yourself until you’re better equipped to handle it

– Doing something that’s worthwhile and productive with the information you take in as opposed to letting it drag you down 

– Putting more love into the world is the only thing that’s going to truly help 

Links and Resources Mentioned:

News Feed Eradicator – Use this extension to block news from your Facebook news feed until you’re in the right state of mind to see it.

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Bonus: Click here to get the PDF transcription of this podcast.

Block news stories