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If you have a choice – inspiration

I posted this in my Facebook group but wanted to post it here in case it helps anyone who didn’t see it.

I have a crazy-long goal list for June. There are about 14 things I want to do And when I wrote everything down, I worried that I’d become a workaholic. But the truth is, I really want all of the things I wrote down, done.

So… Jeanine Yoder (who is part of Nisha Moodley’s amazing mastermind) gave our group an awesome exercise to do for setting goals. Basically, we ask where our brain is holding on too tight to the goals we list (as in, what’s not feeling right – for me, it was the worry about being a workaholic and not having enough pleasure)…

…and then she has us ask ourselves a question that kind of helps overcome our fear in that department.

My question was:

How can I joyfully get my goals done with a sense of ease, and still feel like personally, I’ve made time for friends, to enjoy life, and to go out of my comfort zone?

My answers were:

1. Keep a fun log of everything I do that brings me pleasure each day, so that remains a priority as well.

2. Outsource more.

3. Make a wallpaper of this question (attached). I’m no artist, lol, but it helps.

All of that led to this day yesterday,

Just thought I’d share in case it helps anyone – it’s helped me majorly. xoxo

Feel free to steal my wallpaper image. I know it’s not the most visually appealing, but it does the trick. 😉

You can also download it here.


In a moment of inspiration, I went to a Single Mothers Facebook group.

I saw a lady post about how she lost her job in August and how she was looking for a place to stay. I wrote to her and asked if she’d take PayPal so I could send her some funds.














She ended up replying and saying that she doesn’t have a PayPal account.

We talked back and forth via message and she gave me her address. I’ve already set up my bank account to send her a check to cover a month’s rent. She’ll get it in 5-7 business days. 🙂