Etsy trends – These are the designs shoppers want this Valentine’s Day

Etsy trends - these are the ecommerce designs your customers want this Valentine's Day

After the holidays, your traffic may have lessened, your sales may have dipped, and you may be experiencing what I’m calling the post-holiday ecommerce blues, which can be a bummer.

Fortunately, this feeling doesn’t have to last since Valentine’s Day …

Mockups, templates, coupon codes, and more for Easter and Passover promos

Here's everything you need for your Easter and Passover social media promotions for your ecommerce store

Easter and Passover are coming up (April 21 and April 19-27, respectively).

People love honoring traditions and getting into the holiday spirit. And while neither Easter nor Passover is a particularly huge gift-giving holiday, tokens of affection are still often …