August 2018 Brags

Welcome to the latest installment of my brag posts, where I share wins from the prior month.

If you have anything YOU would love to brag about, please feel free in the comments below!

Here are some of the wins from August 2018, in no special order:

First, this month was huge for setting up foundations:

1. I did a lot of things to set me up for success in our new home this month. I got furniture for the house, hired organizers/unpackers to help me get settled in quicker, and found a new car. This is stuff I’d ordinarily put off and am SO GLAD it’s done and out of the way!

2. I hired an assistant to do my grocery shopping each week, pick up my CSA from the farm, and do some other small things. She has been tremendously helpful thus far.

3. I wrote out gratitude lists 28 out of 31 days, which was very helpful in starting my days. I’m proud of my commitment to this.

4. At one point I was up $51,000 with options calls that I taught myself to do on Robinhood. It turns out trading options is a bit stressful for me, but I am proud of myself for teaching myself how to do it and then making a great profit from it.

5. I spent all of August on my eating plan (high quality meats and veggies, limited fruit, no dairy, no gluten, and still intermittent fasting everyday).

Every day I’ve been meticulously taking pictures of my food and logging how much I am eating and when I am fasting.

I took my blood sugar before and after foods to see how they’d go in my body, and I’ve been very proud of my commitment to my health.

6. There were 12 days in August in which I spent 10 minutes on getting clarity. I’d  like to make this a daily habit, but I am celebrating what got done for now.

7. I hired consultants for CustomHappy to help me systemize things. I don’t know what I don’t know and I think that these guys will help me out a lot. I’ve heard excellent things from friends who have used them.

8. I hired a financial service as my current system was no longer working. I am SO HAPPY to have made moves to get excellent clarity again.

8. SOP’s!! August was a big month for foundation. I helped create Standard Operating Procedures for things in both my Rachel Rofé Enterprises business and for CustomHappy. Those are big projects and I’m so glad we’ve made big progress on them.

9. I promoted a great course and was the #1 affiliate for it.
Considering the course is phenomenal, I was very happy to put a lot of support behind it.

10. The warehouse shipped out over 54,000 items during August. It’s still a slow period for the warehouse since it’s summertime but 50,000+ items is always great.

11. In continuing with my foundation tasks, I also hired someone to help me automate tasks in my business, hired a copywriter for a sales letter, and delegated more assistant work out. All of this helps me focus on my core higher-level tasks.

12. We instituted a feedback system for CustomHappy to see how people feel about our service.

50% of people gave it a “10”

16.67% gave it a “9” or a “9.5”.

The rest was made up of “8’s” and one “5” (because the person thought we don’t offer PayPal, but we do).

13. The weekly webinars for Jumpstart members are going great and LHS and both groups are getting great results. Here’s some of the wins from August:


That’s it for August. How was your month? Brag away!

July 2018 Brags

Welcome to the newest installment of my brag posts. These are informal posts that help me celebrate what goes on each month and stay present instead of only focusing on the next big thing I could be doing.

In no particular order, here are some big wins from July:

1. On July 1st I flew with my nephew to California, then flew him back on July 28th. We spent an incredible month on a SoCal tour. First we went to L.A., then Disneyland, then San Diego. I feel very grateful that my schedule is flexible and abundant enough to make this happen.

The picture here is of Don and Gabe playing on a swingset we found near a beach that we were playing in.

Our entire trip was magnificent and filled us with great memories.

And bonus – we got rid of my nephew’s addiction to sugar while he was there, and made great progress on his reading.

2. I closed on a new house! I have some investment houses but never bought a house to live in, and I LOVE THIS PLACE. I’m so thrilled to be able to pay for this dream home.

The picture here is of the driveway I found when I walked in on closing day. :)

3. I created a new gratitude list every morning in July except for one day while we were switching locations. Creating those lists really help center my mornings and I love making them.

4. I spent the entire month on my superclean eating plan. I was only supposed to go to mid-July to finish out 30 days but because I was feeling so great on the plan I’ve continued it.

I’ve been eating high quality meats and veggies, limited fruit, no dairy, no gluten, and still intermittent fasting everyday.

During the process I’ve also learned to make some new foods like the duck pictured here.

5. We hired a new production manager at the warehouse. He has a ton of experience and knowhow and is going to be an INCREDIBLE addition to the team.

We’ve had a lot of management shake-ups recently and I think they’re going to all contribute to a significantly stronger foundation.

6. Speaking of the warehouse – we shipped out over 50,000 items (not including our fulfillment clients) in July. It was less than in June but summer is always slower for us, and 50k items is still a pretty cool feat.

7. I went to Chicago for a quarterly mastermind meeting with my mentor. It was effective and super helpful, as always.

8. I re-wrote my vision that I’d like in my life and recorded it for my Sister Circle to help hold it for me. Clarity is key and spending time on this is a big win.

9. My investments continue to increase in value. My stocks on Robinhood are increasing in value, crypto is stable and Wealthfront is currently showing a 30.9% money-weighted and 34.6% time-weighted return.

10. The weekly webinars for Jumpstart members are going great and LHS and both groups are still showing great results. Here are some of the shares from July:

I think that’s it for now. A lot of my time in July was spent enjoying beaches and playing with my nephew which felt pretty dang awesome. :)

June 2018 Brags

Welcome to June 2018’s brag post.

Wins are generally pretty random / in no particular order, and I would LOVE if you joined in by mentioning your wins below!

1. I went to Croatia for a mastermind event in the beginning of June and it was AWESOME. I met a lot of high quality entrepreneurs, learned a lot, and got to explore a new country. It was a phenomenal experience.

2. I started a very strict 30-day eating plan on June 19th and have been following it diligently.

The plan is to reset any inflammation in my body as well as to iron out any insulin issues, so I’m eating a very limited amount of foods (high quality meats, some vegetables, and certain spices. I can’t have most fruit, dairy (even eggs), nuts, potatoes or any “night shade” vegetable, etc, so it’s even stricter than the Autoimmune Paleo diet.

If I do say so myself… I’ve been killin’ it. I was able to do it even while traveling to PA, and that’s pretty hard considering I can’t eat at restaurants since they often cook with canola oil (which is not allowed on the diet).

I’ve been intermittent fasting while doing this, so I don’t eat for 16 hours minimum each day, and I fast for one 24 hour period each week. (Yes, it’s healthy!)

3. Don and I went to L.A. for half of June and will be there through July as well.

We got an AirBnB on the Venice Beach boardwalk which was pretty incredible to wake up to everyday. When that one got booked up we got a stunning waterfront place on the Venice Canal.

We’ve had less work time and more enjoyment time of the beaches and beauty surrounding us.

I’m SO proud/grateful to have a life where this is a possibility.

4. I promoted a product on Pinterest and am proud of how awesome the content was and how many people signed up for it.

5. We made some big changes at the warehouse in terms of structuring and giving people certain responsibilities, which I think will help us out a lot.

6. Speaking of the warehouse, CustomHappy shipped out 80,514 “print on demand” items during June, then several thousand more fulfillment items for people.

7. I kept a gratitude log 24 out of the 30 days in June. I do this as one of my first activities of the day which creates a really nice way to start the day. I slacked during Croatia because my routine was off, but I’ll make it up in July. ;)

8. I got in tons of friend time in June. We had a few different friends visit us in Venice, then I saw some of my L.A. friends at their homes which was really nice.

9. The weekly webinars for Jumpstart members are going great and LHS and both groups are still showing great results. Here are some of the shares from last month:


14. My investments are doing well! My stocks on Robinhood are increasing in value, I made some good crypto moves, Wealthfront is still plugging along. Real estate has gone up in value quite a bit as well. Stocks especially are doing great this month around.

I think that’s everything. How about YOU? Anything you’d like to share? I’d love to read!