What I learned from the ChoiceCenter and helping one million people as it applies to the Low Hanging System and your ecommerce business

Top 10 takeaways when uplifting 1 million people in 100 days

As you may already know, my sister and I recently went through a workshop at the ChoiceCenter Leadership University, during which we picked goals that we wanted to work on over the next 100 days. The experience was phenomenal and we both learned and grew a lot as people and as entrepreneurs. As part of […]

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March 2019 Brags

Welcome to my latest “brag post” where I go over the prior month’s wins. Like always, please feel free to celebrate and share your big wins, too! I love these posts. :) So, in no particular order, some wins from March: 1. I had another excellent “live life” month where we went to Jamaica for

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January 2019 Brags

This is the newest installment of my monthly brag posts, where I go over big wins from the previous month. January was a really great month and I’m happy to celebrate it! So, in no particular order, here was some of the wins: 1. Don and I took a trip to Jamaica from December 31,

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November + December 2018 Brags

This will wrap up my 2018 brag posts. I actually just went through the other months to revisit some of my highlights from the past year, and it was so much fun! I’m making this post a 2-in-one since I was so busy at the warehouse in December that I never wrote my November one.

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October 2018 Brags

Welcome to my latest brag post, where I go over the previous month’s wins. Here are some of last month’s big wins, in no particular order: 1. October included a lot of really fun travel. We went from PA to Vegas where Don hosted a marketing event and CRUSHED IT, then to Nashville where I met

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September 2018 Brags

Welcome to the newest edition of my brag posts, where I brag about the prior month and encourage you to do the same thing. It’s a great way of staying present to wins without always focusing on the next thing. With that said, in no particular order, here are some wins from September. 1. Don

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